Evan's Guestbook

It's great to hear that Evan is taking a "big step" to the 7th floor. You're an inspiration to others. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Julie Smith <jsmith@redbankvalley.net>
Summerville, PA USA - Fri Feb 9 12:17:07 2007

You're getting there, little guy! Keep getting better and stronger every day and we'll see you soon (if the weather would cooperate!) Love you lots!!! Love you, too, Amy and "George"! :)

Jill, Dennis, and Joey <jmmcgowan@sterlingfi.com>
Stevens, PA USA - Wed Feb 7 13:01:12 2007

We are so glad to hear that Evan is tube free. He has been in our thoughts and prayers for many weeks and are very happy to see they are finally working. We can't wait until you all are finally back home. God Bless.

Sarah Bowser & Bianca Lehmann <bowser_sarah@yahoo.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Sat Feb 3 8:53:07 2007

Hi GR, Amy and Evan.....You three are truly amazing. You are showing how God's love gives us the strength to endure. Evan is using everything he has to stay with us. We pray for your continued strength and please know we love you all, Connnie

Barry and Connie
USA - Fri Feb 2 9:14:35 2007

GR, Amy and Evan, Our prayers are with you all. You have all come so far and with God's help Evan will continue to heal and get stronger so you can all come back home again. And I must say you picked a GREAT name for your son. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Michele, Dane, Evan and Ethan Rowe <rowe4@csonline.net>
Fairmount City, PA USA - Thu Feb 1 14:20:38 2007

Hey Guys, Its your old pal Ric from UPJ. I just found out that you guys had a baby so congrats. He is a beautiful baby boy and a little fighter as well. I wish all of you my best and will keep you in my prayers. I'm sure you are great parents. Take care, Ric

Ric DeRubeis <ricnasty@hotmail.com>
Parkersburg, WV USA - Thu Feb 1 11:39:56 2007

gr,amy and evan. i finnaly got to your web site. my computer wasn't finding it for some reason. it was worth the search. by the sounds of it he's an amazing young man. evans always in my prayers. working midnights you get lots of time for thinking. hope to see him up on keck ave. soon. can't wait till he gets healthy and old enough for me to pick on him. just alittle. god bless you guys and hope to see you soon. if there is any thing we can do please let us know.

ron barrett <slick50rlb33@hotmail.com>
new bethlehem , pa USA - Thu Feb 1 4:51:57 2007

To the Campbell Family: You all have been in my thoughts and prayers these past weeks. I truely hope that Evan continues to improve and that he will be home very soon. You guys keep fightin' and i'll keep prayin'. God Bless!

Dan Jordan <lil_bro00@hotmail.com>
Fairmount City, PA USA - Tue Jan 30 19:32:15 2007

It's great to read that Evan is "tube free", finally. We are keeping you in our daily prayers and wish that there was more that we could do.....Evan's battle has become a story of courage and faith for so many of us. God bless you all!

Nancy and Dave Moore <nmoore72@hotmail.com>
Rimersburg, PA USA - Tue Jan 30 11:58:43 2007

I just read that Evan had his breathing tube removed. That's awesome!! Evan sure is fulfilling his name's meanings! We'll keep you all in our prayers! God Bless.

The Garmongs <ggarmong@peoplepc.com>
Templeton, PA USA - Mon Jan 29 19:31:46 2007

Wow!!! I am so happy to hear that Evan's nose tube is out! This is wonderful...God is merciful. I hope everything else goes great. (I really miss you Mr. Campbell!!!) Keep going Evan! Erin

Erin Hepler <ssgreen@usachoice.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Mon Jan 29 18:45:55 2007

Terrific news!!! We are so thankful to hear that Evan has been extubated! Thanks for the udpate- Amen! Prayers answered! Sure do have a fighter on your hands- what a brave, strong, little boy! I can't wait until and he Tony can meet someday!

Buffy and Bill Storm <buffystorm26@yahoo.com>
Slippery Rock, PA USA - Sun Jan 28 20:27:37 2007

Mr. Campbell, Evan, Mrs. Campbell, and family, Evan is so cute! We are glad he is doing so much better. We are glad to see that he is already a Steeler's fan. We, and the rest of the school, are praying for you guys. We hope you all can go home soon. Always remember, God is with you.

Sarah and Ben Williams <mlsbwil@windstream.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Sun Jan 28 20:06:22 2007

Mr. Campbell and Family, Evan is so handsome! We just wanted to let you know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We are very glad to see that Evan is doing better!

Pat, Jayne, Stevie and Dani McCauley <pjmcc@csonline.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Sun Jan 28 14:43:06 2007

Dear Evan, Greg, and Amy, We have been thinking and praying for you each day. Evan is truly a little miracle and know that God is there for him. Mr Campell- homeroom just isn't the same! Good luck, Evan, you have many family and friends that are there for you. Be strong!

Josie & Cheryl Shreckengost <jlsunshine_07@hotmail.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Sat Jan 27 20:30:59 2007

Hi Campbell family! Thinking of you today and always. I will send up a special prayer today for Evan. He is getting all of the care and support he needs - no doubt he will be returning home soon. Keep positive! - God bless! Love Cathy (your 146th Guestbook entry!)

Cathy Collins <cathycollins119@gmail.com>
Imperial, PA USA - Fri Jan 26 8:59:18 2007

Hey everyone! Evan is so hansome and we are praying for him everyday! We miss you soo much GR school just isn't the same without you(jerk, haha thought you need a good laugh). But anyway as you know we both had our surgerys and are doing well, but I must say it's so disappointing to not have you there to make fun of us! Anyways mom has been asking about everything and is very concerned and wishes you all the best. Lindsay IMED me while I was writing this and says she missses you and wants her bus nazi back and trevor says hello too. So i guess what I'm trying to say is we all miss you and the best of luck with everything. As everyone said to us after donovan was born I'll say the same thing to you because it is so true, God couldn't have given that baby to a more wonderful family! I know you love him just as he does. Love and Prayers!

Capri and Tasha (the gimps) <tanbeach_babe3@hotmail.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Thu Jan 25 22:50:22 2007

Amy, GR & Evan, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Evan is indeed a "Little Warrier". He is so blessed to have a mom and dad like you guys standing by him and trusting that God is working through all of the people involved in Evan's care. Thanks for keeping us informed through this web site. love, Kathy & Mark

Aunt Kathy & Uncle Mark <mark_s_campbell@hotmail.com>
Murrysville, Pa USA - Thu Jan 25 22:07:04 2007

Good luck tomarrow!! We will be praying for you. I am inspired by what a fighter Evan is! He is so full of life and spirit...you better look out when he gets big, I think you are going to be busy=)

Ansell Family <ansell@windstrem.net>
stoneboro, pa USA - Thu Jan 25 22:02:53 2007

I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for all of you. We all are. I sincerly hope everything turns out alright. God knew that Mr. and Mrs. Campbell were the right people to take care of Evan. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Casey Trimble <queenofketchup@yahoo.com>
Dayton, PA USA - Thu Jan 25 18:26:49 2007

May the Lord's Strenght fall upon you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. What a beautiful baby!

Jill (Shoemaker) Neiswonger <mjeneiswonger@alltell.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Thu Jan 25 12:24:59 2007

Greetings from Ambridge PA. Please know Evan is in our prayers at Trinity School for Ministry. We too are thankful for the discovery of Evan's diaphragm problem and are praying for a successful surgery that may be a significant step toward Evan's comfort, along with yours.

Patrick Duddy
Ambridge, PA USA - Thu Jan 25 10:21:15 2007

Amy, Greg and Evan, We are praying for you all. Kristen, Dan, Ashley, Samantha and Daniel

Kristen Landers
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Thu Jan 25 9:58:03 2007

Jen & mema keeping me posted(I stink on the computer!) I love you. aunt lisa

aunt lisa <lisami06@gmail.com>
monroeville, pa USA - Wed Jan 24 22:26:51 2007

So apparently my attempt to put a picture on here, has failed... along with my ability to spell "Evan". At any rate, love you buddy! Say hi to the family for me.

Uncle Jon <gospodinjuha@gmail.com>
San Antonio, TX United States - Wed Jan 24 21:58:35 2007

Hey Evan, You looked great today. I'm glad to see you awake! Life is full of crosses we must bear, this surely is a heavy one. Keep strong little man! Greg and Amy, you are shining example to all of us what it means to be strong, loving parents. Keep doing your best through all of this; you both really do amaze me and help us all appreciate what it love really means. Hugs and Kisses for Friday EVAN!

Jenny <msjenmiller@hotmail.com>
Monroeville, PA USA - Wed Jan 24 21:35:46 2007

Hey Evin, I heard everything went well! Just wanted to say hi. I'll see ya soon! From Evan William

Uncle Jon <gospodinjuha@gmail.com>
San Antonio, TX United States - Wed Jan 24 9:47:12 2007

As I read Evan's story, I couldn't help but cry. My prayers will repeatedly focus on your little boy. Isaiah 40:29 says, "He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength." Evan will continually remain in my heart and mind. May God bless all of you in the days to come.

Kristin Gruver <kristin_gruver@yahoo.com>
Mayport, PA USA - Tue Jan 23 20:34:16 2007

I'm glad to hear that Evan is doing better. I am positive that God will smile upon him and fix everything else. I am praying for you all. Keep strong everyone! Erin and Stacey

Erin Hepler <ssgreen@usachoice.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Tue Jan 23 19:57:02 2007

Dear GR, Amy, Grandma Nancy, and Grandpa Greg, You are blessed to have Evan. We have been following his story and praying for him and family. He is a amazing 'little warrior' from a strong family. We hope for him to recover from all his physical challanges - how incredible his doctors, nurses, and caregivers are! We pray for him to heal and be able to go home soon. Mario and Mimi

Mario & Mimi de la Torre <mmdlt@verizon.net>
Annville, PA USA - Tue Jan 23 14:36:17 2007

Jody is like a big sister to me, and our families were very close growing up. I will keep baby Evan in prayer. I will include him on our own church's prayer list, and request prayers for him at 2 online communities: The Hippie Christian MessageBoard http://www.beeyeglad.com/phpBB/index.php and http://www.christianboard.com/cboard/ Both are caring Christian communities who take their hope and faith in Christ seriously. I can't imagine what you all are going through and I hope you'll be comforted in knowing your family is being lifted up in prayer. May the God of love and peace comfort you through Jesus Christ. Sincerely, Meghan

Meghan <EcclesiasticBohemian@joimail.com>
Orlando Metro, FL USA - Tue Jan 23 12:37:34 2007

Dearest Amy,Greg and Baby Evan....You are in our thoughts and prayers daily...I have passed the word around here in Georgia, so you will have some good southern prayers and faith headed your way.. :) Love Anne ,David ,Katherine and Marshall Jenkins

Anne Jenkins <toolin777@aol.com>
Cumming, GA USA - Tue Jan 23 9:13:24 2007

I hope and pray for my dear sweet evan and i hope he is the best baby in our family soon.Evan i hope you get better before first b-day. amy i can't wait til' i get to see him again and the family again together... love your great cousin Emily Verner

Emily Verner <emverner9@yahoo.com>
Pittsburgh, Pa USA - Mon Jan 22 20:21:45 2007

Dear my family... I hope and pray for my dear sweet evan and i hope he is the best baby in our family soon.Evan i hope you get better before first b-day. amy i can't wait til' i get to see him again and the family again together... love your great cousin Emily Verner

Emily Verner <emverner9@yahoo.com>
Pittsburgh, Pa USA - Mon Jan 22 19:47:33 2007

Dear my family...

Emily Verner <emverner9@yahoo.com>
Pittsburgh, Pa USA - Mon Jan 22 19:41:50 2007

Dear Sweet Evan, I enjoyed seeing all your pictures. You look so strong and handsome. Amy and Greg, I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I pray for Evan's speedy recovery. I am so sorry that you and Greg have to share in this difficult time. It will make you stronger. I love you............Aunt Jen

Jennifer Verner <jennifer.verner@sealedair.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Mon Jan 22 19:38:45 2007

HI Evan, Amy, and Greg, I'm just saying hi and that to let you know im thinking about you. I Love u all. I served in church yesterday. And im praying 4 everybody. Evan looks gr8 on our mouse pad and desktop. :)

Scott Verner <jodyverner@hotmail.com>
Belle Vernon, PA USA - Mon Jan 22 19:28:00 2007

Evan is a beautiful child. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We have been touched by your strength. We hope that you are getting the support that you need.

Laura and Vasko Popovski <popovskifamily@comcast.net>
USA - Mon Jan 22 16:29:21 2007

DEAR CAMPBELL FAMILY:KNOW that we're "Sayin' Little Prayers for you"...It was so nice to read Evan's update and see that you still have a sense of humor! That's important!! FYI>Maybe Evan won't look "Stoned" if you keep him out of the JIMI HENDRIX SHIRT!!! LOVE< Pam,Kent&Paige

The Adamses <kadams@usachoice.net>
Mayport, PA USA - Mon Jan 22 8:00:03 2007

We're glad to hear that things went well on Tuesday. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, Evan!! God Bless, The Garmongs

Gale Garmong <ggarmong@peoplepc.com>
Templeton, PA USA - Sun Jan 21 21:10:57 2007


LANSDALE, PA USA - Sun Jan 21 20:15:17 2007

Amy,Greg,Evan and to all the family, my thoughts and prayers are for ever with you. I think of you all the time and have been in close contact with little Evan's grandma to keep informed on this little guy's progress. May God Bless you all and give you strength and courage.

Carol Melendez Andisik <2158733930@cingularme.net>
Chester, Pa USA - Sun Jan 21 13:22:20 2007

Dear Amy and Greg- We are praying for you, your family, and especially for your little warrior with the amazing blue eyes!

Deedee and Bob Carlson <dcarl31229@aol.com>
Strongsville, OH USA - Sun Jan 21 7:06:58 2007

GR - just heard about your whole situation and I want to let you know that I will be praying mightily and will add your son's name to our church prayer list. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may his face shine upon you and give you peace.

Doug Henry <yellowsox10@hotmail.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Fri Jan 19 20:47:25 2007

GR and Amy, Cari forwarded your message about how Evan is doing and all that has been going on. You guys will be in my prayers tonight. I know how you must be feeling since I had to go through somewhat of a similar ordeal with Keira. She had ASD and VSD and had her surgery at the end of September. She is doing great now. You will be in my thoughts. I wish your little Evan the very best. -Missy

Missy Lawrence <sjlmal@alltel.net>
Fairmount City, pa USA - Fri Jan 19 20:46:38 2007

My prayers are with you Evan, I know you will be just fine. You have the added advantage that your name is very cool!

Nate Evans <nevans85@satx.rr.com>
San Antonio, TX USA - Fri Jan 19 12:46:17 2007

Hi GR,Amy and Evan. Your pictures reflect what a great family you are. When God creates a family He sends along a wonderful love that nurtures and sustains it. You two are great parents and to see Evan proves the point. Hang in there. We are praying for you. Love, Connie

Barry, Connie and Nate Snyder
USA - Fri Jan 19 10:51:33 2007

Evan is here to teach us all about love, strength and courage. He is a gift from God. You are in our thoughts and prayers. (high school friend of Jody's)

Debbie, Steve & Matt Harter <harters3@hotmail.com>
Lederach, PA USA - Fri Jan 19 7:18:23 2007

What a beautiful baby!! I know God is seeing you through these difficult days. We, as many are praying for Evan and are trusting God to give him a quick and complete healing. We had special prayer for him in our Bible study last night. I do pray Evan will grow up to be a good strong boy and that he will always be a blessing to you. As his name says...God is good...all the time and all the time God is good! Keep trusting God for the best. Love and prayers, Barry and Beth Snyder

Beth Snyder <snyders05@gmail.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Thu Jan 18 21:28:46 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell and Evan, I am glad to hear that everything is going fairly well now. I have been frantically searching for this site for weeks. I cannot express my joy over this amazing child. Evan, you truly are a warrior. Keep fighting! Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, you have to be the strongest parents I have ever seen. Evan is blessed to have such faithful and strong parents. I think about you all every day, and not a day goes by that I don't pray for you. With God's guidance, I'm sure Evan will make it out of the woods. Be strong. Can't wait to see you again Mr. Campbell. Keep the faith. God bless you all and good luck! Erin Hepler

Erin Hepler <ssgreen@usachoice.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Thu Jan 18 21:26:25 2007

Evan, we are praying for you and we think about you everyday! We are glad that your surgery went good! And by the way these doctors are working you will be a healthy little boy soon! GR & Amy we love you dearly, you two are so strong! and remeber god is with you all Love Always, Aunt Kim (campbell) & Liza Haraburda

Kim & Liza Haraburda <ckpens@hotmail.com>
Monroeville, PA USA - Thu Jan 18 18:16:22 2007

Glad to hear that Evan's surgery went well on Tuesday. I pray that he continues to strengthen and heal and that his complications subside. I actually didn't read that his surgery had been postponed until today, but at bible study on Monday night, our group prayed for him and we've been uplifting him in prayer all week. It looks as though you've got prayers coming from all over the nation - how incredible and wonderful.

Brandi Snyder <brandi.snyder@gmail.com>
Wendell, NC USA - Thu Jan 18 18:04:27 2007

Hi Amy and Greg, Your dad just showed me this website. It is great. I have been praying for Evan for quite some time and will continue to pray for you Greg and Evan. If there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to call me or tell your dad. Love LuAnn

Luann Tretter <ltretter@firstfederalbank.net>
monessen, pa USA - Thu Jan 18 15:33:09 2007

I wish you all the best, your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Someone once said that it is only through hardships and struggle that you can truly appreciate the good and the beautiful. Evan is truly one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, may God give the three of you all of the strength you need to come through this hardship. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Megan

Megan Hallenbeck (Barrett) <meganhallenbeck@gmail.com>
Albany, NY USA - Thu Jan 18 8:00:20 2007

It just occurred to me that Evan's strength comes from God which is apparently GENETIC!!!! Peace and love!!pam, kent & paige@--<-<-

The Adams Family <kadams@usachoice.net>
Mayport, PA USA - Thu Jan 18 5:46:59 2007

Warm thoughts and prayers coming from Arizona! Aunt Dorothy Bruner, Sally and Beth

Sally Sarah Bruner <sisslb01@cox.net>
Tempe, AZ USA - Thu Jan 18 0:53:46 2007

Dear amy and greg and evan, You have a beautiful little boy. I believe a child is the greatest gift of all from God. I am a friend of Chris's and she forwarded your web site to me. I read your son's incredible journey and will continue to pray for him and the two of you as he is on the road to recovery. I look forward to seeing pictures of him running around with his cousins and friends. Children's Hospital truly has amazing people on staff. Best of luck to you in your journey and know that we are praying for your family.

joann perz <jperz@comcast.net>
north huntingdon, pa USA - Wed Jan 17 22:37:18 2007

Mr/Mrs. Campbell & Evan, you are in our thoughts and prayers. I just found out about this website today from Jordanna; it is a great way to share updates with the folk up North. "Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus." 2 Timothy 2:1 I'll check back soon for the latest update. Until then, God Bless!

Gale Garmong <ggarmong@peoplepc.com>
Templeton, PA USA - Wed Jan 17 21:18:25 2007

What an amazing little boy you have! This little guy just won't quit and I will pray that he wins his fight!! He is precious and I pray that you are given strength each day to be there for each other and for Evan. God bless each of you and many thanks to the Children's Hospital staff - they were there for over a year for my dear friends when their child was in the hospital for a serious illness. You could not be in a better place! Hang in there all!

Kathy Coleman <kcole423@aol.com>
Pittsbrugh, pa USA - Wed Jan 17 20:08:00 2007

Evan is such a dear little boy! My heart goes out to him and to all his family as they face the many challenges ahead. I will be keeping all of you in my prayers. Joan Freda An associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden, PA

Joan Freda <yet.fred@verizon.net>
Indiana, PA USA - Wed Jan 17 16:57:22 2007

I'm an associate with the Sisters of St. Joseph in Baden, Pa and just want you to know I am praying for baby Evan. He is a little dollbaby and our prayers are with you. Peace be with you. Karen Corbin

Karen Corbin <BonkersAKC@aol.com>
Fairmont, WV USA - Wed Jan 17 15:28:19 2007

It is so nice to have this website to view to be able to keep up with the news of Evan's battles and victories. (especially to give gramma Nancy a break from so many questions posed to her!) He and his family have many people, even strangers, praying for them. Take courage in knowing how many people care and are praying. He will have quite the story to share when he is grown up, sharing how the love and grace of God got him and his family through this difficult time. He is so aptly named, no doubt.....God bless you, little warrior.

Debbie Troupe
Hawthorn, Pa USA - Wed Jan 17 14:31:22 2007

Our love and thoughts are with you all. The Lord is truly great and He will wrap His arms around you and Evan. Be as strong as you can be and know that the Lord is by your side. You all are in our prayers and if you ever need help, please call us. We love you all.

Rich & Debbi White <dlwhite @ usachoice.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Wed Jan 17 12:31:06 2007


The Adams Family <kadams@usachoice.net>
Mayport, PA USA - Wed Jan 17 5:04:15 2007

We don't know what to say that hasn't already been said, except we pray and pray and pray for all three of you. You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful baby boy; and we love you all. Little Evan has bonded St. Pauls church together more than anything that has happened in my memory. God Bless each of you. Bob and Nancy S.

USA - Tue Jan 16 20:29:28 2007

Hey Mr. Campbell, we just wanted to tell you that we think about you all of the time and we are behind you 100%. We hope everything goes smoothly and that Evan will return home soon. Don't worry, your academic homeroom is being well behaved and cannot wait until you come back. C-ya soon!

Jordonna Bowser & Evanne Gareis <gareis@alltel.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Tue Jan 16 17:42:37 2007

I know there is not much for me to say that hasn't already been said on this website, but I thought it was worth sharing my thoughts. When Jon and were driving up to see Evan for the first time we were SO EXCITED, but at the same time we had no idea what to expect. While spending time with my little buddy, there were moments I stood there in awe. But not only because I could see his strengh and determination, but as I stood back I noticed that he is TRULY SURROUNDED with strength and courage. Between all of the Nurses and Doctors and of corse family and friends. GR & Amy, I know that your little guy is FEEDING off of your strength with every touch you give him or every time you hold his hand, loving parents like you are giving him a bigger and bigger will to live. I hope (I'm sure as all parents do,) that our children don't have to face such trials, but If they do I would pray to handle everything just as you are. You are both so incredible and truly an inspiration. I hope all three of you realize that although we can't be right there with you like we wish we could, we our there ALL the time in our thoughts and prayers. WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! And GOD bless all of the incredible people in this book who also keep their thoughts and prayers with the "little warrior," which he truly is. PS Evan promised he'd be back at home so that before you know it he, mommy and Aunt Leesha can have one big BIRTHDAY BASH!

Aunt Alicia <navygrl8@gmail.com>
San Antonio , TX USA - Tue Jan 16 12:54:12 2007

Hey, by the way GR, I was going to call on your birthday, but mom gave me the "don't forget its your brother's birthday" call, and I didn't want it to look like she had to remind me, being that I think you were right beside her when she called... then I just forgot. I'm such a crappy brother. At any rate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Don't worry, I'll never forget Evan's birthday! Love you little guy! "Bez ljubavi, sve prazno je" By the way Amy, the Serbian word for nephew is "unak" I'll stop spamming the guestbook now...

Jon <gospodinjuha@gmail.com>
San Antonio, TX USA - Tue Jan 16 12:47:54 2007

Don't worry little buddy, everything will go fine! Postponing the surgery was just like trying to freeze a kicker before an important field goal... and it has no effect on the strong ones like you! Hang in there little guy, it'll be over soon enough and your mom and dad are going to hug and kiss the crap out of you!

Uncle Jon <gospodinjuha@gmail.com>
San Antonio, TX USA - Tue Jan 16 12:03:13 2007

Greg and Amy, Thoughts and prayers go out daily for you both and that wonderful little boy. You surely must be feeling the love. Praying for today especially, the day of another surgery. "All things are possible to those who believe". I truly believe your story will have a wonderful ending. Love to all. Jan

Janice Snyder < >
USA - Tue Jan 16 10:53:41 2007

Greg & Amy, My thoughts and prayers are with you. You have a very strong little guy. I'm hoping everything will be fine. How can it not be with so many (hundreds) of prayers being lifted up for Evan. He sure is a cutie. Take care & God Bless. Mary Ann

Mary Ann Travis <mtravis2redbankvalley.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Tue Jan 16 10:30:25 2007

Hey guys we are so sorry to hear about Evan's troubles and we all pray for the best. He is a beautiful baby, and he is fighting such a great fight from what Chris has told me. Please let us know if there is anything at all that we can do to help out. We are all wishing and praying for the best from up here. Love Rob and Jamie Robertson

Rob Robertson <robertjrobertson@hotmail.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Tue Jan 16 10:21:21 2007

G.R.,Amy, and Evan, Our thoughts and prays go out to you and your entire family. I know the love and support of your family and friends will get you all through this. I hope and pray that everything goes well, and Evan can make a full recovery. Ashley and I are thinking of you and praying for you. Remember, God doesn't give you anything that you can't handle. And also remember, Our God is a very loving God, and He is there always. Ash and I will be praying for you and your entire family. God Bless. Shane and Ashley White

Shane White <shanewhite@hotmail.com>
New Bethlehem, Pa USA - Tue Jan 16 8:52:43 2007

Amy,GR,& Evan,And now abide faith,hope,love,these three,but the greatest of these is LOVE. 1 Cor. WE LOVE YOU ALL!! pam, kent, paige

The Adams Family <kadams@usachoice.net>
Mayport, PA USA - Tue Jan 16 5:44:26 2007

Dear GR, Amy, & Evan, You have a beautiful little boy! Children really are God's miracle. It is suprising how much strength and fight is stored in such a tiny body. Much luck & love to the three of you and the rest of your family. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. STAY STRONG!!! Beau, Jessica, Caleb, & Bailey Snyder

Jessica Snyder (Kiehl) <jesssnyder@usachoice.net>
Mayport, PA USA - Mon Jan 15 23:06:06 2007

Evan; In bringing so many togather "The Lord Is Gracious", In the center of this fight is a "Young Warrior", In answering so many prayers "God Is Good", In one young child is a "Good Messenger", In standing so strong like a "Rock", You have EVAN a gracious young warrior that is a good messenger that God Is Good. You are all in our prayer's The Borland's

Ken, Donna, Shelby, Casey <archer2b@earthlink.com>
Turkey City, Pa USA - Mon Jan 15 21:39:41 2007

Amy, Greg & Evan: you are in our thoughts and prayers for successful surgery tomorrow. Last week, our Pastor met with us before Dana's recent surgery and told us to hand over our anxiety to Jesus, and focus our thoughts instead on the tremendous love of our family and friends who are praying for us. Know that Evan both of you are in our prayers tonight and that we love you all very much. God Bless you all. xoxo

Jane & Dan, Sarah, Dana and Kate Verner <jdverner@comcast.net>
Rockville, MD USA - Mon Jan 15 20:11:23 2007

My family and I have been praying for Evan all along. Our continued prayers are with him and the family. In no time at all he'll be playing soccer with Grandpa Greg.... (an employee of Greg Campbell)

Stacy Edinger <edinger04@yahoo.com>
Rimersburg, Pa USA - Mon Jan 15 15:29:05 2007

Amy and Greg, our thoughts and prayers are constantly with you and your champ. He is a hero to many and such a fighter! Morrell and Weardon are great men of faith, God will be with them.

melanie ansell <ansell@windstrem.net>
stoneboro, pa USA - Mon Jan 15 13:44:41 2007

Our thoughts and prayers are with Evan and his family. Although, if Baby Evan is anything like his uncle Josh, I'm sure he can overcome anything sent his way!!

Renee Lefever <Renee.Lefever@Selective.com>
Red Lion, PA USA - Mon Jan 15 11:35:16 2007

Dear Ones: A retired Epicopalian priest lives at Longwood with us and his wife just died and a memorial service was held at our parish - St. Thomas, Oakmont. Bishop Duncan was the celebrant at the eucharist service. Afterwards there was a reception in the Parish Hall and I spoke to the Bishop, primarily to thank him for all the good things Bishop Scriven has been doing. I had only started my conversation when he said, "Oh that's Baby Evan that we have ben praying for." So, the word is being passes around in all sorts of places and the prayers are coming from all sorts of places. God Bless and much love!

Madeline and Ray Schmidt madelin and RaySchmidt
USA - Mon Jan 15 11:18:08 2007

Greg and Amy- I will be at Childrens on Thursday for Tony's heart cath, If you feel up to it, my husband and I would love to meet you in person. Just keep me posted and let me know how things are going and if you are up for a visit!

Buffy Storm <buffystorm@hotmail.com>
Slippery Rock, PA USA - Mon Jan 15 10:53:25 2007

Hang in there Greg and Amy- we have been thinking of you and praying for all of you. Children's is the best, hope all goes well Tues. Kate & Dan

Kate Gruver
USA - Mon Jan 15 8:17:41 2007

To All: My thoughts and prayers are with you. What a remarkable little boy!! Try to take care. (Jody's High School Friend)

Barbara Lenzi
USA - Mon Jan 15 8:03:48 2007

GR and Amy: God has truly blessed you with this beautiful child that is now part of our family, I am so proud of both of you for your courage and strength through all of this. EVAN WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!! Evan, you are the most treasured gift and I thank God every minute that He has given you to our families. I truly believe that God will give you the strength to continue with this fight and come home soon to all of us who love you so much. Thank God for the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who have been so wonderful in the great care and support all have given Evan, GR and Amy. I pray for God to continue to guide them in Evanís care. Cathy; thanks for this website, for all to share their thoughts and prayers for this wonderful little boy and his mom and dad. And may God bless all the other children and their families who are also going through difficult times. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GR!!! Love, Mom and Grandma

Grandma C <nancyfcampbell@gmail.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Sun Jan 14 23:12:15 2007

Mr. Campbell, you have a beautiful, strong baby boy and I know he will pull through. You and Amy have been blessed with a miracle and I know God will be good to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

Sarah Bowser <bowser_sarah@yahoo.com>
NEW BETHLEHEM, PA USA - Sun Jan 14 23:10:55 2007

Dear Amy and Greg, Wow! What a guestbook! I am so happy you have so many people praying for you!! Thank you for all your update e-mails sent by Gale! I thought about running them off to keep for Evan when he grows up. We also have been praying our hearts out for Evan and you two.and will continue to do so. You will have prayers from a plane going to Aspen, and then from the top of the big hills of the West! Hope we can find a computer ouy there, if we can't then I'll call after the surgery. Good Luck, and hope God's will is our will!! Much love to you all, Sue and Rich.

Sue and Rich Boggs <Gopsu@adelphia.net>
Kittanning, Pa. USA - Sun Jan 14 20:32:06 2007

Hello Amy!! (and Science boy) I hpe Evan's doing great. I saw the pictures of everyone holding Evan. (Thank you for puting me in)

Meredith Verner <maverner@comcast.net>
Pitt., PA USA - Sun Jan 14 16:47:55 2007

We are keeping Evan and his parents in our prayers. Stay strong and believe in the Love from God to give you direction and strength. Lori and Frank Puleo

Lori Puleo <lepuleo@comcast.com>
Audubon, PA USA - Sun Jan 14 10:55:27 2007

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your precious baby. He is just beautiful! Love Anne, David ,Katherine and Marshall ( Dear friends of Jody and Sams)

Anne Jenkins <toolin777@aol.com>
Cumming, Ga USA - Sun Jan 14 9:49:27 2007

What a remarkable little boy - my thoughts and prayers are with you all! Love and hugs to you, Michele (one of Jody's high school girlfriends).

Michele Dayoub <mdayoub@remaxservices.com>
Blue Bell, PA USA - Sun Jan 14 8:53:41 2007


The Adams Family <kadams@usachoice.net>
Mayport, PA USA - Sun Jan 14 8:10:13 2007

Still praying...!!! hum a few bars of the "STAR WARS" theme.I bet EVAN WILL LOVE IT!!! PAM

PAM <kadams@usachoice.net>
Mayport, PA USA - Sun Jan 14 7:38:40 2007

Dear Amy,GR,and EVAN:What a beautiful child! A baby is God's way of saying life should go on!! We are all going to say prayers for you all!! DON'T forget to HOPE!!! READ PSALM 91 it helped get me through my first baby going to IRAQ!!LOVE,PAM,KENT,AND PAIGE ADAMS

The Adams Family <kadams@usachoice.net>
mayport, PA USA - Sun Jan 14 7:21:43 2007

Amy and G.R., God has blessed you with such an amazing little boy. His story is incredible and I have been keeping him in my thoughts and prayers as well as the both of you and your family. This website is amazing and I will check it often for updates. May God watch over Evan through his surgery on Tuesday and throughout his recovery.

Amber Adams <aea82@hotmail.com>
Anchorage, AK USA - Sun Jan 14 0:57:02 2007

Evan is such a beautiful and strong little boy! We have really enjoyed all the great photos and website. We are praying for all of you and Evan's continued recovery! Babies are truly god's greatest gift!!!

Kurt & Jen Wolfe <kwolfe22@zoominternet.net>
Cranberry, PA USA - Sat Jan 13 22:22:22 2007

GR and Amy, Just got Chris' email...both of you and Evan are in my personal prayers.

Dale Gruver <dalegruver@bellsouth.net>
Jacksonville, FL USA - Sat Jan 13 21:13:58 2007

We will keep Evan in our prayers. He is a beautiful baby. You have both shown great strength in this difficult situation. God bless.

Matt Grossman <mgrossman2427@hotmail.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Sat Jan 13 14:08:34 2007

Hey GR and Amy, Chris just sent me this website and I'm very glad that he did. I love all the pictures- what a cutie. I've thought about the 3 of you often and am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. I wanted to let you know that Sean and I are in Oakland pretty much everyday. (I work right across the road from you at Presby). If you need anything, a place to get away from the hospital, lunch, etc. please let me know. We are keeping you in our thought and prayers. Love, Kirsten and Sean Jones.

Kirsten Jones (Snyder) <kirsten_33_99@yahoo.com>
Penn Hills, PA USA - Sat Jan 13 13:21:38 2007

Greg and Amy, you are blessed parents to have such a good looking son. I can not wait to meet Evan some day. I am so moved by his story and strength. I pray God moves in all areas of Even health and that he is restored fully. Thank you for you strength and love.

Daniel Barrett <dbarrett007@hotmail.com>
Greencastle, PA USA - Sat Jan 13 8:11:53 2007

Evan is so cute. He was in my prayers at school. He is such a strong little boy. You are in my prayers Love, Carisa

Carisa Campbell <peautcbc@adelphia.net>
Trafford, Pa USA - Sat Jan 13 7:29:56 2007

Amy, GR, and Evan - We just want to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying everyday for little Evan. He is such a little trooper and he will continue to be. We have no doubt in our minds that he is going to grow up and be a wonderful "little warrior"! He is such a beautiful and strong baby, he will get through all of this! You are and continue to be in our prayers and we all love you! This website is wonderful, we will check it daily! Love you guys and GOD BLESS!!!

The Smolenak Family <KLS shop@aol.com>
Mountaintop, , PA USA - Sat Jan 13 0:53:06 2007

I feel like I am there with you through all of this. I have cried for a baby I have never met. I have sighed when you have had good news and I have asked friends to add his name to their prayer lists. My heart goes out to all of the family and we only wish you the very best. My Mother in law is a friend of Ginnie's from Siesta Key in Florida . We love your little boy. Love, Dale and Herb McMahan

Dale McMahan <Realtydale@aol.com>
Melbourne, Fl USA - Fri Jan 12 23:49:56 2007

Papa Campbell (Grandpa) shared this website with us and we're glad that we can follow Evan's journey as he works to get home again. While we haven't met Evan yet we hope to visit someday after you all return home. By the way, we think Evan is adorable (obviously gets his looks from Mom)... You all are in our thoughts and prayers!

Jon & Lynnette Snyder <joncsnyder@gmail.com>
Baden, PA USA - Fri Jan 12 22:30:27 2007

Greg and Amy- Evan is absolutely gorgeous, and truly appears to have the heart of a little warrior in him. This is the first day I've looked at his website, and I'm glad it was today - I hope his surgery went well and I can now keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I live in Pittsburgh now, and, if at any time anybody needs anything - a place to crash, someone to grab a bite to eat with or talk to, just let me know. I wish you all the best. Sincerely, Julie Shepard 814-221-4578

Julie Shepard...formerly Boddorf <julieoenie@excite.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Fri Jan 12 17:49:18 2007

Greg and Amy, I am friends of Johnand alicia from Monterey. I recieved the email requesting prayer for your beautiful son, and wanted to just encourage you a bit. Ironicly, my husbands name is also Evan, and he too was born with heart and lung problems. He endured several surguries until the age of three, and has been stong and successfull ever since. God blessed you with this gift for a reason, and although he has a stuggle ahead, I am confident that he will be a wonderful man some day and live a very full life. May God bless ya'll Annette

Annette Reed <annette.reed@us.army.mil>
Ft. Irwin, CA USA - Fri Jan 12 16:15:07 2007

GR and Amy, Evan is so precious!!! Thank you for setting up this sight...I may be out of town, but know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, meg

Megan Miller <meglizmiller@yahoo.com>
Brooklyn, NY USA - Fri Jan 12 14:35:32 2007

My husband and I are friends of Jon and Alicia from California. I wanted to send our thoughts and prayers to Evan and the entire family. As a nurse practitoner, I know all too well how difficult the illness of a child can be especially when they are so young. It sounds like you are receiving great care for him. I will pray for the continued wisdom and compassion of the doctors and staff that are treating him.

Erin Ellington <erinellingtonrn@hotmail.com>
San Antonio, TX USA - Fri Jan 12 13:21:43 2007

Greg and Amy, Chris just emailed me this sight and we just wanted to let you know that you all are in our prayers and Evan is a fighter and so darn cute. May God be with him today during his surgery. Ill be checking the site often to get caught up. Erica (Uncle Teddys daughter and family)

Erica LeDonne <tande@connecttime.net>
Gibsonia, pa usa - Fri Jan 12 9:52:57 2007

Amy, G.R., and Evan, We pray every day that this struggle for the three of you will end, and you will be together at home once again. Take comfort in knowing that when you look on Evan and are unable to hold him yourselves, that God stands with His arms around you and holds him in His own hands. Know that even though you must leave him daily, God watches tirelessly. And when you feel like everything that is happening is too much, turn to Him, because as you know, for God, nothing is too much. We pray that all of us will remember this during this difficult time. Evan is the most wonderful baby boy, and we cannot wait to see him come home. We canít wait to have a chance to hold him again. We love you guys very much, but know God loves you far greater, and he walks with you daily. Weíre thankful to be a part of Evanís life, as well as yours, and we hope you three will see the end of this soon. We offer all of the love, and hope, and prayer that we can, may the three of you be blessed with it. Uncle Christopher & Aunt Heather

Uncle Chris, Aunt Heather <chrisjcampbell3@gmail.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Fri Jan 12 8:54:24 2007

G.R., Amy and Evan. You have a beautiful son and a little fighter on your hands. What a wonderful website. We wanted to send our thoughts and prayers to you and to your family. May God bless each and everyone of you during Evan's surgery today. With love Kristin and Bob DeLisio (Uncle Ron and Aunt Lynn's Daughter)

Kristin DeLisio <Krisd98@comcast.net>
Imperial, PA USA - Fri Jan 12 7:50:52 2007

Little Evan--I have heard so much about you from Uncle Jon and Aunt Alicia, who are my very dear friends. I have been having a very difficult time myself lately, but tonight, little one, you get an entire Rosary said just for you. No selfish requests for me this time. I will pray for a safe surgery, your speedy recovery, and for extra angels to hold your hand and comfort you when there is so much chaos around you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mommy and daddy. I cannot imagine how difficult this is for them! We'll have to get together in a couple of years, and I know that you will be ready to give my two little boys a run for their money. God bless you, Evan.

Rosemary <Raiderrose@yahoo.com>
West, tx USA - Thu Jan 11 22:59:54 2007

The three of you are in our hearts. It takes strong people to deal with times like these and you guys are setting an example with your dedication. I'm a very proud uncle, bro and bro-in law!!!

Josh and Lauren Verner <joshverner@hotmail.com>
Havertown, PA USA - Thu Jan 11 22:55:38 2007

Amy and Greg, Just wanted to let you that I"m thinking of Evan and all of you frequently. Sorry to hear that he's having surgery yet again. Have no fear....Evan's a strong fighter, always has been. I have faith he'll do just fine. Please keep me posted on his progress. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Melanie <melbobg@zoominternet.net>
mt pleasant, pa USA - Thu Jan 11 21:19:08 2007

Dear Greg and Amy, Thank you for this wonderful site. Nice job Cathy! We were finding ourselves checking our emails more regularly hoping for updates on Evan. The pictures show how much love and support he has. He is adorable and a "true warrior". Our prayers continue for all of you. Mike, Karen, Heather and Gabby Shearer

Karen Shearer <kshearer1@comcast.net>
Kittanning, PA USA - Thu Jan 11 21:03:55 2007

Dear Amy, Greg and Evan - We are always thinking of you three, all of your doctors, nurses and ALL the children receiving care at Children's. Your friend did a service for us all to set up this website! There is great power in prayer and we will continue to pray....and so will all our friends that are a part of this loooong prayer chain! Love, Lili, Jim, Nate, Joe and Meredith

Lili Verner <lili_verner@comcast.net>
Sewickley, PA USA - Thu Jan 11 20:53:23 2007

G.R., Amy and Evan, Our prayers continue for you all. We love you and we know that God is watching over you all. I am sure Uncle Brian will be pulling some strings too! We know that God will continue to give you and Evan's caregivers the strength to give Evan the best possible care. Love to you all!

Jules and Chris Seibel & Family <c.seibel@comcast.net>
Jeannette, PA USA - Thu Jan 11 19:47:11 2007

Dear Ones: Madeline and I just looked at all of the pictures and I got THAT FEELING again! I KNOW all is going to go well tomorrow with the surgery and what follows. Madeline just added that our viewing was pictures of the most beautiful baby in the world. Evan looks strong and we KNOW that God will continue to bless him with all thaat is good.

Ray & Madeline Schmidt <madray@yahoo.com>
Verona, PA USA - Thu Jan 11 19:17:11 2007

Amy and Greg, My dad just sent this website to me and I'm blown away by Evan's strength. I wish you all the best and give you all of our families prayers that we can muster. Stacey and Dave Siffringer (Uncle Dick and Aunt Arlene's daughter)

Stacey Siffringer <stacsiff@optonline.net>
Franklin Lakes, NJ USA - Thu Jan 11 16:56:43 2007

Evan, Greg and Amy: I had just heard about your website and after reading it, it made me tear up. Evan seems to be so strong and has endured so much already in his young life. He definetly is a "little warrior". You all will remain in my daily thoughts and prayers. May God be with you. Love The Rearick Family: Mike, Angie, Kaia, Brynn and Caylen

Angie Rearick (Wile) <makb57@comcast.net>
hawthorn, pa USA - Thu Jan 11 10:35:15 2007

Dear Amy and Greg, I send my love and prayers to you. I am an old high school friend of Greg the elder. May Evan be granted strength and healing.

Steve Berer <shivvetee@gmail.com>
Los Angeles, Ca USA - Wed Jan 10 23:24:11 2007

Hey Evan, we just heard that you have to have another heart surgery and we wanted to let you know that everything will be fine and you're in good hands. I know that its not something at the top of your priority list, but its going to make you better, and stronger, and faster! We also wanted to tell you that we love and miss you, and can't wait to finally hold you! Our prayers are always with you little guy, and you're so much tougher than you think. We'll see you soon, and tell your mom and dad that we love them too! Take care bud. Love, Uncle Jon & Aunt Alicia

Uncle Jon <gospodinjuha@gmail.com>
San Antonio, TX USA - Wed Jan 10 23:21:21 2007

Kathy Ginsburg shared your website with us and I wanted to let you know that your strength and courage during this difficult time are very inspirational. Evan is a beautiful baby and definitely a fighter. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Kelly, Jeff, and Alyssa Shelton <shelton0909@comcast.net>
Moon Twp., PA USA - Wed Jan 10 21:34:42 2007

I am truely speaking from my heart. I can't do anything about making your son 100% well right now but I can pray. Have no fear for what tomorrow may bring. The same loving God who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow and every day. God will either shield you from suffering or give you unfailing strength to bear it and make all things fine. Be at PEACE, then, and put aside all anxious thougth and imaginations. He is a gift from God and God will Bless him each and every day.

Dianne Kennedy <sinbadkenney@hotmail.com>
Plum, pa USA - Wed Jan 10 8:49:25 2007

Dear Amy, Greg and Evan, I was really touched by your story. It's wonderful to see that your little guy is such a fighter! Our prayers will be with you while you make this difficult journey. God bless your family.

Sandy Bach (Chrissy's sister) <bachsm@upmc.edu>
West Mifflin, PA USA - Wed Jan 10 7:44:12 2007

Our family can't thank all of you enough for the love, support and prayers that you have extended to Evan over the past months and days. People from all over the country are praying for Evan and our family. It is truly amazing how family, friends and perfect strangers come together for one common goal, to get Evan better through the power of prayer. To that end I would ask all of you to add a few people to your prayer list when you are praying for Evan and our family. These would be the many doctors, nurses and medical technicians that GR, Amy and Evan rely on every minute of every day to provide the best possible care and make the best possible decisions regarding his treatment. They need lifted up almost as much as we the family members. Ask God to guide their actions and decisions as they care for all of the helpless children in the Cardiac ICU and other intensive care areas of Children's Hospital. There are 10 or 12 kids just in the same Cardiac ICU as Evan, some with serious life threatening issues. They and their families also need your daily prayers. Thank you all again for your generosity and thoughtfulness in Evan's and our time of need. May God richly bless you all.

Grandpa Greg Campbell <gregorycampbell@hotmail.com>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Wed Jan 10 1:39:15 2007

Dear Amy and Champ...this is Heeter's sister Kelly...Kathy has been keeping us posted on beautiful Evan...Cathy C. did a nice job on this website so that everyone can keep up to date. We think of you all often and will keep praying each day that God continues to bless each of you with strength and courage and a homecoming for Evan in the near future. Kelly, Manny, and Sara Yanelli

Kelly Heeter-Yanelli <khyanelli@yahoo.com>
Ravenna, OH USA - Tue Jan 9 21:04:15 2007

Hi Amy & Champ, I am so glad Cathy sent this to us. I had no idea that you were going through so much. Stay tough. Seems like Evan is quite the fighter. He'll have a big story to tell when he's older! Evan and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Chrissy Gray <cmaegray@aol.com>
N Huntingdon, pa USA - Tue Jan 9 20:47:37 2007

Wow, what a little trooper you have there...Evan is just beautiful! Will be praying that he's on the road to recovery and back home soon. Ann (Cathy's sister)

Ann Grossman <anng111@nc.rr.com>
Clayton, NC USA - Tue Jan 9 17:57:59 2007

Greg, Amy and Evan, Great idea to start this site so that you can keep everyone up to date alittle easier! We pray for baby Evan every day! Emily has named her baby doll that she got for Christmas, Evan. Just wanted to let you know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers (even little Emi's, she takes such loving care of her doll!)Love, the Butlers - Walt, Jenny, Eli, Levi, Emily & Alison

Jenny Butler <jbutlerpa2@aol.com>
Worthington, PA USA - Tue Jan 9 15:27:21 2007

Thank you for sharing Evan's story and the pictures. It was good to see him a little while and spend some time with you on Friday. Those of us in the "supply lines" cannot know what it is like to be on the front line with your little warrior, but it seemed that I caught some momentary glimpses. You are each one in my thoughts and prayers.

Paula Rummel <paula_rummel@hotmail.com>
Kittanning, PA USA - Tue Jan 9 13:34:57 2007

Amy, the site is WONDERFUL! I'm so happy to have a place to keep updated on Evan now! He is a cutie-pie! Can't wait to meet him in person some day (but hopefully NOT at the hospital!).

Buffy Storm <buffystorm@hotmail.com>
Slippery Rock, PA USA - Tue Jan 9 12:15:09 2007

Just wanted to let you know you are in our prayers,and we are thinking about you everyday. Take care.

Terry Slee <tandms@alltel.net>
New Bethlehem, Pa USA - Tue Jan 9 12:06:05 2007

Dear ACE (Amy, Champ, Evan), We want you to know that we are thinking about you and praying for you everyday. In Evan's first 6 months of life, he has taught us more than he can ever know. Never before has there been a braver boy! He is truly a warrior. We love you all, Heeter, Howie, and Henry

Kathy Ginsburg <kathyginsburg@yahoo.com>
Pittsburgh, Pa USA - Tue Jan 9 12:01:24 2007

God has created a beautiful little boy for you. Remember, "Do not fear; only believe". This phase has helped me thru alot. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.

Linda Willison <lwillison@redbankvalley.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Tue Jan 9 9:47:00 2007

What a beautiful baby! Thank you for sharing your story. Evan and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Paula Waite <pwaite@sbcglobal.net>
Pickerington, OH USA - Tue Jan 9 9:42:43 2007

You are in my prayers daily. May the support of family, friends and strangers help you to stay strong and keep faith.

Barbara Collins <bcollins@centuryinsure.com>
Monroeville, pa USA - Tue Jan 9 8:49:05 2007

We are all pulling for you Evan - never give up the fight. The power of prayer and positive thoughts do produce miracles. We'll be praying hard for all of you. Cathy's brother Jim.

Jim Waite <jwaite@umich.edu>
Sylvania, OH USA - Tue Jan 9 8:36:20 2007

Amy and Greg--Cathy told me about Evan's website and I am so glad that she did! Although I am sure that Evan's journey has been a difficult time for you all, getting his story out will help so many people who don't think that they have the strength to fight their battles. He is truly an inspiration! God bless you all! Laura Craig (formerly Laura Sarosi from UPJ)

Laura Craig <laurel9972@hotmail.com>
Woodstock, GA USA - Tue Jan 9 7:38:22 2007

Amy, Evan & Greg, THANK YOU so much for sharing your journey. All of you are so precious. It is an honor to keep all of you in our prayers and thoughts. Zauyah. P.S. I'm Cathy's sister in-law.

Zauyah Waite <Zauyah.Waite@utoledo.edu>
Sylvania, OHIO USA - Mon Jan 8 22:23:21 2007

I am so excited to see that this website is getting so many visits! As of tonight, the 'official' www.evansfight.org' is working. If anyone has anything they'd like to add to it, please email me. Amy, Greg and Evan - we love you!

Cathy <cathycollins119@gmail.com>
Imperial, PA USA - Mon Jan 8 20:58:47 2007

Mr. Campbell: Mr. Harmon shared this site with me because I have been asking about you, your baby and wife. I want you to know that my family and I are praying for you all and think of you often. Take care.

Allison Hilinski <jkhilinski@adelphia.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Mon Jan 8 20:02:21 2007

Dear Amy, Greg, & Evan; Just a short note to let you know you are all in our hearts & prayers!Keep strong! Love, Tom & Jeanne

Jeanne Lowry <bearfam@wpia,net>
Friedens, PA USA - Mon Jan 8 17:10:31 2007

It has been a privilege and honor to pray for you all. Evan (and GR & Amy)has built the faith of our entire parish. All the saints at St Paul's bless him for it. David+

David Wilson <ddavidwilson@gmail.com >
Kittanning , PA USA - Mon Jan 8 16:52:45 2007

Dear Amy, Greg, and Evan, Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. Please know that there are so many people thinking about and praying for your beautiful family. God bless you all. Debbie

Debbie Boozer <dboozer@redbankvalley.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Mon Jan 8 16:15:26 2007

Greg and Amy, You and your little guy is in our thoughts and prayers every day. He has the best physical care where he is, and he has the best spiritual and emotional care with you and your family and friends. Be strong, and know you have many, many prayers supporting you. Love, Cindy

Cindy White <cwhite@redbankvalley.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Mon Jan 8 15:39:36 2007

Greg, Amy, and Evan - My thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel your path of the unknown. Stay strong and believe that there is a plan, God is in control, and for what ever reason, there is a purpose. We just need to ask for mercy, grace, and a miracle to happen. God bless you all.

Cheri Hornberger <chornberger@redbankvalley.net>
Fairmount City, PA USA - Mon Jan 8 15:04:39 2007

Dear Amy, Greg and Evan Nothing in the world has as much power as parents' love and friends' prayers. Evan has plenty of both. Be strong, and thanks for the wonderful website. Keli B.

Keli Lyn Bonanno <kbonanno@redbankvalley.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Mon Jan 8 13:05:43 2007

Dear Greg and Amy, What a beautiful website. Evan's name was well chosen. He is a "young warrior". Thank you for sharing his story. May God continue to bless you and Evan on his journey to wellness. Our prayers are with you.

Shirley McDonald <smcdonald@redbankvalley.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Mon Jan 8 9:06:59 2007

Greg and Amy, I just read your website and ended up with many Kleenex's in hand! As you face the unknowns, I leave you with a passage from the Bible that was of strength to my son during the time he was here with us, and has continued to be of strength to us in our continued journey. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13 You have been graced with a wonderful little blessing. May you feel God's strength as you take one day at a time. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless. Kim

Kim Constantino <kconstantino@redbankvalley.net>
Clarion, Pa USA - Mon Jan 8 8:34:15 2007

Dear Greg & Amy, Thank you for sharing Evan's story and pictures. As a parent and grandparent, I can't imagine what everyone must be going through. I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers and know that God will take care of little Evan and give you all the strength to continue through each day. He never gives us more than we can bear and he is always there to help us carry the load. God Bless you all.

Denise Troupe <dtroupe@redbankvalley.net>
New Bethlehem, PA q - Mon Jan 8 7:52:53 2007

Dear Greg and Amy, Just to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. What a remarkable little guy you have and so beautiful. Hang in there, the Lord has you in His hands. Mike, Debbie, Emily and Rachel Dinger

Debbie Dinger <mddinger@windstream.net>
Summerville, PA USA - Sun Jan 7 23:05:35 2007

amy, the site is great!! How blessed you are to have such great support!! Your little boy is a fighter full of life and surrounded by love. "Baby steps can climb mountains" try not to tier, God has you in his hands. Evan is a very lucky little boy to be so loved!!

melanie ansell <ansell@windstream.net>
stoneboro pa 16153, pa USA - Sun Jan 7 22:13:41 2007

Amy, Thanks so much for leading me to this website! It's great to see the pictures and read of your journey the past 6 months. Evan is so cute and the smiles on everyone's faces reflects the hope that you have in our Lord. I recognized the nurse Dana holding Evan. I know her from when she worked on 7North. She is an awesome nurse - you're blessed to have her! From the guestbook entries, I see you have alot of support from friends and family. Another blessing! They say it takes a village to raise a child, but with a child like Evan well, you have what it takes - many to hold you up when it gets to be too much. The journey is impossible alone but the Lord has provided out of His glorious riches for you and Greg. Praise His name. I humbly offer you what I can - prayers and wisdom from the journey with my own "little warrior", Aaron. Hopefully we'll see you Friday. Clarissa

Clarissa Amon <RichRiss@PeoplePC.com>
Jackson Center, PA USA - Sun Jan 7 21:25:39 2007

Evan is the most angelic, cute, adorable baby in the world. It is my honor to be his uncle. I can't wait to play with him. Amy, Greg, you are the luckiest parents in the world. I love you. From, Scotty

Scott Verner <jodyverner@hotmail.com>
Belle Vernon, PA USA - Sat Jan 6 14:33:18 2007

You are all three doing so well; always a smile and great faith that God is at work. There are many people praying that Evan will get stroger each day. The website is awesome: thank you, Cathy. It is such a privilege to know Evan, he's such a precious little fighter. (Bishop Henry)

Henry Scriven <scriven@pgh.anglican.org>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Sat Jan 6 7:27:25 2007

Greg, Amy, and Evan, My prayers are with you and all of your family! Trust in God and hold tight to the strength He offers to you. God has, indeed, blessed you with Evan, and continues to bless you. Love and prayers, Molly

Molly Greenawalt <mgreenawalt@redbankvalley.net>
New Bethlehem, PA USA - Fri Jan 5 21:53:05 2007

Greg, Amy & Evan, The Landers Clan is rooting for you. We really like Evan's website. The updates and pictures are great! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Ashley, Samantha, Daniel, Dan & Kristen

Kristen Landers <klanders@redbankvalley.net>
Hawthorn, PA USA - Fri Jan 5 20:38:23 2007

Dear Greg and Amy, I'm so glad that you have this website. I read every word in it and looked at all the pictures. This was the first time that I fully understood what was going on with Evan. What a beautiful baby and such courage you all have. You'll always be in my thoughts and prayers in the days ahead. God Bless You All!

Linda Stahlman <lstahlman@redbankvalley.net>
Fairmount City, PA USA - Fri Jan 5 15:57:08 2007

Dear Greg & Amy, My prayers continue to be with you as Evan continues his fight. What a strong little guy you have. God Bless You.

Carrie McIntire <cmcintire@redbankvalley.net>
Fairmount City, PA USA - Fri Jan 5 15:53:10 2007

We miss you at work, Greg, but you're where you belong. It sounds like Evan is getting a bit stronger every day. What a little miracle he is! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Julie Smith <jsmith@redbankvalley.net>
Summerville, PA USA - Fri Jan 5 15:51:31 2007

What a fantastic web site. Good job, Cathy! It goes without saying that Evan, Amy, and Greg are in our prayers every day. We love you so much and are so inspired by your strength and faith. I think that helps Evan more than you know. Love you! Jill, Dennis, and Joey

Jill McGowan <jmmcgowan@sterlingfi.com>
Stevens, PA USA - Fri Jan 5 15:38:18 2007

Evan is beautiful, and you are brave, strong, and inspirational parents. Our prayers are pouring out from Redbank Valley for your family.

Julie Aaron <jaaron@redbankvalley.net>
Fairmount City, PA USA - Fri Jan 5 15:30:39 2007

Your family is an inspiration. The strength and love you have shown throught this time is remarkable. If there is anything we can ever do for you don't hesitate to ask, and as always our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

Rob Collins <robcollins119@comcast.net>
Imperial, PA USA - Thu Jan 4 12:59:56 2007

I started this site for one reason - Evan is the most wonderful and inspiring little guy I have ever met! Amy and Champ (ok, Greg to some) are among my best of friends and they deserve all of the support and love we can give them! Evan and family will always be in my thoughts and prayers!

Cathy Collins <cathycollins119@gmail.com>
Imperial, PA USA - Wed Jan 3 18:33:57 2007