Evan William Campbell - Our Little Warrior*
Born July 10, 2006  -  4:21 AM  -  4 lb. 7 oz.  -  17 inches  -  Pittsburgh, PA

* The boy's name Evan is of Welsh origin. Variant of a Gaelic name anglicized as John (Hebrew) "the Lord is gracious". In Celtic, the name means "young warrior". In Welsh, it means "God is Good". It is also used as a short form of Evangelos, which means "good messenger" in Greek. In Hebrew, Evan means "rock".

  Thank you for visiting Evan's website!
Evan is Amy and Greg's beautiful first-born baby who just celebrated his 6 month birthday. He was born with a fight ahead of him though, and is still battling against serious heart and lung issues.

This site was created for a few reasons:
 To have a place where the latest updates on Evan can be easily accessed.
 To show off some pictures of this beautiful baby.
 To give family and friends a place to offer their support.
 To tell his story and share the spirit and strength of this child with the world.

Evan in September 2006
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