Wonderful expressions of love were sent to Evan and his family from all across the globe. Today a new Guestbook has been added to Evan's site, as we continue to keep his spirit alive. Those wishing to read past entries, please click here.


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Location: pittsburgh

Evan - you and Grandpa Sam make awesome guitar picks! Looking forward to jamming with you someday...hopefully YOU can sing..!
Love, Dusty


10.Aug.2007 13:54

From: Hugs & Kisses to Evan

Location: USA

I just needed to tell you I love you and miss you and still think about you all of the time. I hate that it's been 6 months since you've been here. It still hurts a lot. I bet it always will. But I love you and know you are all smiles in Heaven. Can't wait to see you again someday, Bub.


31.Jul.2007 7:05

From: The Frost family


Location: MI

Wishing you had a Happy Birthday 1st birthday in Heaven Evan and shared in cake with all the other angel babies and chased the butterflies. Send kisses to your Mom and Dad as they miss you and love you so much.
with peace and comfort,
Kelly Frost-Cayman's Momma


12.Jul.2007 21:43

From: Shane White


Location: New Bethlehem

Happy Birthday Evan! Shane and Ashley


12.Jul.2007 13:19

From: Wanda Tarrant


Location: South Carolina

I wanted you to know that you have been in my prayers these last couple of days as Evan's brithday approached. I found your website while searching for stories of OHS's b/c my daughter is having one in a few weeks. Your story touched my heart and I grieved for your loss like we were family when in fact I have never met you. I was amazed at your strength and having been in the ICU a few times with my daughter could not imagine what you endured for two months of an emotional rollercoaster. I told my family about your story and my husband and I prayed for you the night of Evan's birthday. I hope knowing people are praying for you across the country gives you comfort and peace. The Lord has heard your cries and is holding your family in his arms. Praise the name of the Lord!


11.Jul.2007 14:37

From: Patti Russ


Location: Middletown, PA


Sweet little Evan,

ALothough you have moved on from this life to your eternal jouney; you are thought about everyday. You brought sunshine into your Mommy and Daddy's life.

You are a very special child of God and as you spread your wings far above; we know that you have wrapped them tightly around your family to bring comfort and joy.

May you celebrate in the heavens above and spray a light of sunshine to those who loved you most!

We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Patti Russ


11.Jul.2007 11:03

From: Marisa Smith


Location: Bayville, NJ

My Godson is Tony Storm and I have been following Evan and his fight through my sister-in-law Buffy. YOU are all so strong and have such a great support in each other. Happy Birthday to one of God's chosen Angels. God Bless you all!


11.Jul.2007 10:51

From: Uncle Chris & Aunt Heather


Location: New Bethlehem, PA

Happy Birthday buddy! Sorry it's a day late, we didn't get a chance to get on the computer yesterday. We hope your first was simply wonderful. We love you!


11.Jul.2007 8:06

From: Jess Pettigrew


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Evan. I heard of you and your family through Buffy Storm, and I think of you all often. It must be hard to lose a child. Stay stong and know that he is happy.


11.Jul.2007 5:32

From: Debbie


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Happy Birthday 1st Evan!!!! We share the same birthday!!!


10.Jul.2007 21:05

From: Jennifer Kelly


Location: North Braddock

Happy Birthday Evan!!! We love you little guy


10.Jul.2007 20:27

From: Christine Smoot


Location: Masury, Ohio

Happy Birthday Evan.


10.Jul.2007 20:25

From: The Smolenak Family

KLS shop@aol.com

Location: Mountaintop ,PA

Happy 1st Birthday Evan!!! We have been thinking of you all day today on your special day. We even said a special prayer for you today. We love you and miss you dear little one. Hope your birthday in heaven was a special one!
The Smolenak Family


10.Jul.2007 19:49

From: Daddy


Location: Kittanning, PA

My sweet boy,
What can I say to you that hasn't been said? Except that just when I feel like we're pouring out every ounce of love for you we have, a day like today comes along, and I feel even more! Your birthday was such a special day pal...one I'll positively never forget. God has made our paths straight. Before I go, I want to tell you one thing that happened to me today. I went into the restroom at Nakama, the only time I really was alone all day today, and a vision came into my mind of our Lord Jesus rocking you gently in His arms. And you and He were smiling at one another. That's how today felt for me...all day! I love you so much! Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful son!


10.Jul.2007 19:17

From: melanie ansell


Location: stoneboro, pa

Hey big stuff, Happy Birthday. You are my hero!!! Little man, you bring so much light into people's lives....i pray that someday I will lead others as you do. Enjoy your big day, there are lots of hugs comming your way. I hope the little kitten the little girl sent to you got to come to your party today.


10.Jul.2007 19:00

From: Mommy


Location: Home

Happy 1st Birthday, Bubba! Did you get your present from us today? We sent it at 4:21am, and I watched it float to heaven until I couldn't see it anymore. I am so overjoyed that you were with us all day. I could feel you in my heart the entire time we celebrated your birthday. I know that the staff of the CICU felt you there too as they were so happy to see us and talk about you. You have touched so many lives (that is SUCH an understatement) in the most positive way possible. You being there with us made today the best day we've had since Feb 10. Only one thing would have made it better (for me)...I think you know what that is. I love you so much, and seeing how much our 2nd family at Children's loves you just made today the best birthday ever. Gramps & Jody, Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Scott & Uncle Christopher were all there celebrating with us, setting up food and taking pictures, and it was so nice to have them there. You have really united our families, and it is an incredible thing to witness. You are amazing buddy. I didn't know how I would be today, and you and God answered my prayers. Thank you so much for that. Since 8:00pm yesterday, I have talked about everything I remember from one year ago. One year ago on July 9, we walked into Magee shortly after 8pm. I was hooked up to the IV at 8:30pm. I had lots of painful contractions until midnight, and then I got my epidural (ahhhhhhh!). At 4am the nurses woke me up, and at 4:21 you were born. At 7:15am I called your Aunt Jill to tell her you arrived, and at 7:30am I ordered a tuna salad sandwich for breakfast. :) At 5pm we saw you in the NICU at Magee and we went over to Children's for the first time to visit you at 7:45pm. The rest is history. What do you think about our birthday present from Gramps? I am now on a mission to learn to play Great-Great-Great Grandpa J.J's banjo! I love you, Evan. Always and forever. You're the best, and I hope you enjoyed this day more than anyone. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO! (Tons of birthday hugs and kisses sent to you today!)


10.Jul.2007 14:05

From: Cathy


Location: Imperial, PA

Birthdays are a time for us to celebrate our lives and honor someone for their life. Someone wrote a nice article at their website about birthdays, and I thought it applies here: Our existence on Earth is special. We each bring something new and spectacular to the world just by being born. Each year on our birthdays, we take a moment to appreciate what we bring to the world. Our friends and loved ones can celebrate what we’ve brought to them. This is the one time that we set aside 24 hours to be grateful for the chance to bring something new and totally specific to the world at large.
THANK YOU EVAN for being born!! You are a wonderful present to us all!


10.Jul.2007 13:11

From: Kate Verner


Location: Maryland

Happy Birthday Evan! I love you and miss you! your my biggest inspiration to do anything that I think is hard because you and your parents are the strongest people I know. Once again HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!


10.Jul.2007 12:37

From: Smith Family


Location: Brackenridge, pa--formely kittanning

Happy birthday dear sweet one!


10.Jul.2007 12:31

From: Bill Storm


Location: Columbus

Happy 1st Birthday, Evan!


10.Jul.2007 12:04

From: Dana Verner


Location: Maryland

Happy Birthday Evan!!!!!
I think about you all the time and love you so much!!!! In only one year you have taught so many of us life lessons and what's truly imporatant! You mean so much to us all. Love you tons!!! xoxo
-your cousin


10.Jul.2007 9:54

From: jane fawns


Location: Middletown, OHio

Amy and Greg,
Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you today on Evan's birthday and missing him. I know that I have done a continuously lousy job of corresponding with you but believe me, there is not a day go by that I don't think of you and Evan. I have been keeping up with what has been going on with you on the website and hoping and praying that eventually things get easier. I can't even imagine what this is like for you , but I do know - that his soul is with all of us - I can feel it. I only had a small amount of time with him but it was very precious to me.
I just got back from Los Vegas (mini vacation) and while I was there- at a gift shop , I was looking through these small pretend license plates with peoples names on them - trying to find names of people that I know. I found an Evan plate only - know one else. This is why I know that his presence is still with us.
Happy Birthday, Evan.
Amy and Greg, I love you guys and miss you and hope that I can see you soon.




10.Jul.2007 9:35

From: Pam Adams & family


Location: USA

"We are born with 2 incurable diseases, life, from which we die, and hope, which says maybe death isn't the end!" -Andrew Greeley


10.Jul.2007 8:54

From: Henry Ginsburg


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Happy Birthday, Evan! I love the birthday page your mommy and daddy made for you--I stared at it for a whole minute (longer than I pay attention to anything!) I know you are having a good time eating cake and playing with your friends. We will have a party when we see each other again someday. Mommy and Daddy and I love you and your Mommy and Daddy very much.
Love, Henry


10.Jul.2007 8:52

From: Melanie


Location: Mt.Pleasant, PA

Happy 1st Birthday Evan!!! I hope you are full of smiles today as your mom and dad celebrate this wonderful day! I'll be thinking of you all day!


10.Jul.2007 8:38

From: Misty McCullough


Location: USA

Happy Birthday. I am thinking about your family and praying that God will get them through this day with memories of what a wonderful blessing you are.


10.Jul.2007 7:42

From: jim smith (tony storms uncle)


Location: pittsburgh

Happy Birthday Evan!


10.Jul.2007 7:27

From: Becky and Mike Kline


Location: Carlisle PA

On this first birthday, we are thinking with care and love of Evan's family. We wish for them to find peace and strength.

Love from all the Klines


10.Jul.2007 6:30

From: "Aunt" Jill


Location: Stevens, PA

Happy Birthday, Evan!!! One year ago today I got the call from your mommy that your were finally here. She was so excited and I could just hear the overwhelming love for you in her voice. She loves you just as much today (if not more, if that's possible). Even though I only got to spend one short day with you in person, you have been in my heart and thoughts every day since your mommy told me she was pregnant. Then I got pregnant with Joey and we all had such big plans for you two to be best friends. Now I know that Joey has the best, most special guardian angel God could possibly bless him with. I love you very much and will see you again someday.
"Aunt" Jill, "Uncle" Dennis, and your BFF Joey


10.Jul.2007 5:48

From: Grandma and Grandpa Campbell


Location: New Bethlehem

Happy Birthday dear Evan. We love you and miss you so very much.


10.Jul.2007 5:48

From: Kerry


Location: Rochester, NY

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Little Baby Evan. I came across your website today, on your first birthday...you are touching people lives everywhere! You are very loved and missed! This website is a wonderful memorial to Evan, thank you for sharing your sweet baby with us!


10.Jul.2007 5:43

From: Buffy Storm


Location: Columbus, OH

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN! We're thinking of you and your mommy and daddy today!

Amy and Greg: My thoughts will be with you all day. Evan will surely be smiling from heaven today to see you celebrating his birthday in such a special way!



10.Jul.2007 4:54

From: Debbie


Location: Hawthorn, PA

Thinking of you all on this special day as you honor this sweet little boy. Praying for God's peace that passes all understanding for you on a daily basis.


10.Jul.2007 4:35

From: Sandy Daisley


Location: Brookville, PA

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Sweet Evan, Happy Birthday to you!


9.Jul.2007 10:17

From: Cathy Collins


Location: Imperial, PA

I am amazed at how much one small child, in one short year, can do. Evan has opened our eyes and our hearts to the wonders of God.